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John Kinney Owner & Operator

Colony Custom Homes, founded in 2017, is owned and operated by John Kinney. John is a 2nd generation builder with a passion for seeing his plans come to life and overseeing every detail of the process. He expects perfection and only works with the best subcontractors (subs) in the business. Quality is his #1 pursuit for each and every home he builds. John lives in Gretna with his wife, Pilar, and their two children Lincoln and Lola. When John isn’t building homes, he’s at the gym, in the garden or battling his son on Mario Kart.


John Kinney

More About John...

How did you first become interested in building?

I was born and raised in Gretna, NE and grew up watching my parents bring custom homes to life. I started at a young age by cleaning job sites, power-washing driveways and installing hardware. Not the most exhilarating tasks, but it taught me what hard work looked like! I thank my parents for making me do the hard jobs so that I could see how rewarding it is when you step back on the sidewalk and see what the customers see- a beautiful property to be proud of. What really first intrigued me was the finished product and just seeing everything it took to get to that final stage.

When did you decide to make building your fulltime career?

I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time. I started out in accounting and got a Bachelors in Business Administration. I continued on to get a Master’s degree in the same field which definitely helped me feel confident in starting a business. I finally made the leap and left the accounting world with the support of my family. I haven’t looked back! I know this is what I was supposed to do with my life. I am always excited to “go to work” and create a lasting impression on the families I work with.

What was your biggest struggle when you started?

I had one scary incident with the first home I built. I thought that two steel beams were switched at installation. Thankfully I was able to confirm it was correct! But that definitely made me eager to work with subs that I trust. I know that I have access to some of the best subs in Omaha. We trust each other and are never afraid of questioning something. I am a VERY detail-oriented person and I expect perfection. I know my way around each and every trade so I can jump in and fix something or offer my opinion while being respected.

Finish this sentence: A good builder is…

Not just a project manager. A good builder should walk into every home with plans in-hand and know exactly what to look for. Do you want your home to look beautiful AND be structurally sound? Passing code is not the same as being built well from the ground up. I’ve been able to cut concrete with a saw, trim out a drop zone, paint an entire floor, tile a backsplash, install hardware, run HVAC- you name it. A good builder is a perfectionist and, just ask my wife, that I am. I like to get my hands dirty! Not every builder is that involved and I really think it’s vital in delivering a finished product that I am proud to put my name behind.


Client Relations Team

Nic Luhrs and Rachel Skradski of Berkshire Hathaway represent Colony Custom Homes. Their team, Forehead, Skradski, Luhrs has 55+ years of combined experience in real estate. They are dedicated to managing a seamless, headache-free process for our clients. They will assist with selling your current home and making your transition into your new Colony Custom Home an exciting endeavor.

Nic Luhrs

Nic Luhrs


Rachel Skradski-Luhrs