Our Building Process


We’ve outlined our typical process below as we’ve found that this leads to the greatest outcome for our clients- but if you have any piece you would like to discuss, please let us know! We hope to customize each process with our clients just as we love to customize the homes to your individual needs and wishes.

Initial Meeting

Meet & Greet

Building a new home isn’t buying a new pair of shoes. We know that it is an emotional, exciting and detailed process and we want to make sure we are a good fit for your family! At our initial meet and greet we’ll discuss:

  • Expectations
  • Budget
  • Floor Plans
  • Available Lot Options
  • Time Frame and Restraints

Who will attend: John Kinney, Owner and Operator of Colony Homes and a representative of our realtor team- Nic Luhrs or Rachel Skradski

Pre-build Process

Step 1: Pick a Plan

Quickest, Most Efficient: Pick one of our existing stock plans and make subtle changes to make it yours!

More Custom: Work with a drafting company or let us design in-house and create a home from scratch! This is perfect if you have something very specific in mind, but will add additional cost and time to the project. A small price to pay for the home of your dreams!

Step 2: Find a Lot

This sounds easy, but can be more challenging when the market is tight. Thankfully we have access to many lots in different areas of town and at different price ranges. We have worked with several counties to permit and each jurisdiction is a little different. Our experience becomes very valuable in this area! Some people already own a lot- you’re in luck! We are one of the few builders in town who will come to you and build on an existing property.

Step 3: Finalizing the Details

We will work with you in regards to financing as we understand this to be one of the complex parts to building a home. We have worked with several financing organizations and support many forms of payment.

We host a final plan review and then you sign on the dotted line. The build process will then begin!

Building Process

Building Your Home

“You have provided me with your trust and I will not let you down. I am walking through this entire journey as if the home I’m building was my own. My mission is quality and perfection.” - John Kinney


  • Weekly Communication: You will not be in the dark. We are working behind the scenes on a diligent timeline. If we need something from you ie: a selection, you’ll hear from us in one of these weekly emails. If you have a preferred method of communication, please let us know.
  • Completion & Closing: We will do a final walkthrough to address any outstanding touch ups prior to closing. With our fine eye for detail- we don’t think you’ll find much!
  • 30-day Walkthrough: Pretty standard. Tell us how much you love your home! But also, we are happy to address any general maintenance concerns. Door adjustment, hardware tightening, etc.
  • 11-Month/1-Year Walkthrough: Also, pretty standard. We look at settlement, nail pops. Etc. We have a comprehensive book of warranty work we will go over with you before we even start so you’ll be very familiar with coverage! No surprises at this stage.